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Good Harvest is musical euphoria. Hanna Enlöf and Ylva Eriksson write and perform beautifully crafted songs, delivered with stunning arrangements, flawlessly interwoven harmonies and exceptional guitar playing.

They have been called musical twins and the musical journey they began fourteen years ago has culminated in Good Harvest. This year they both turn thirty and celebrate a “half life” anniversary playing together.

In the Fall of 2016 Good Harvest released their version of Joni Mitchell’s “Woodstock” in a live video that immediately went viral on Facebook with millions of views. Since then their career has been hectic, releasing their first critically acclaimed album, “In a Life and Place Like This” in the Spring of 2017, followed by constant touring in Sweden and chosen gigs in both Europe and the United States, as well as frequently appearing in Swedish media.


During the past year, Good Harvest has done several collaborations together with the symphony orchestra, Dalasinfoniettan, leading to the 2019 release of ”Far Beyond - Live EP” together with the orchestra. This EP contains four of Good Harvest’s original songs with beautiful symphonic arrangements as well as a wonderful version of Joni Mitchell’s ”River”.

In February 2020 they released their second full length album ”Dream of June”. Immediately prior to that they performed on one of Swedish television’s most popular programs, ”På Spåret” together with Mando Diao.


Good Harvest is known as one of Sweden’s best live acts and has been performing on many of Sweden’s largest stages, among others, Dalhalla, Gröna Lund and Stora Teatern.

"Good Harvest’s singing really knocked me off my feet. Their harmonies are unbelievably tight and masterful but at the same time food for the heart."

                                                      - Per Gessle

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